Friday, March 20, 2015

Bowl-A-Thon Bust


     Our Relay For Life Team went to Club AnSky tonight and tried to have a fundraiser for our Relay For Life Team.  Unfortunately the fundraiser didn't go well.

     First of all, I could not even tell people the fundraiser was for my Relay For Life Team.

     Second of all, a hostess was telling people all the things I wanted 2 tell people for myself.

     Third of all, the kiosk only got L $450 for 3 hrs.

     Finally, their were people telling jokes that were 2 me concidered inappropriate who wouldn't stop when asked.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

SL Newser Article about our Team

Kickoff today

Kickoff for Relay for Life of Second Life is starting this morning March 8 and
our campsite is located at

     Here are some pictures of our campsite for kickoff

     Fellow teammate Gentle Jill Wings (jiwings Resident) is a GREAT builder & was a GREAT help in getting the stuff up for the campsite so come see it :)